United Capital Investments Group (UCIG DMCC) is more than simply a private equity company, we seek out strategic opportunities that complement our companies’ respective fields of expertise.


UCIG Energy has developed a wide network of supply contracts...


Tenovos is a new leading enterprise software platform leveraging...

Real Estate

Tag is a real estate firm focused on commercial and residential...

UCIG | United Capital Investments Group

Our Team

United Capital Investment Group (UCIG DMCC) is a international private equity investment powerhouse, we provide private investment services like investment advisory, asset management, and others. our strategy is to acquire and develop assets for the organization and HNI individuals. Headquartered in the UAE, we have an established network in sectors like Energy, Logistics, Real Estate, and Innovation and Progressive Technologies. With a hands-on approach to business and a strong and established foundation in the industry, UCIG is known for its lasting efficiency.

Our Integrity and values

United Capital Investment Group (UCIG DMCC) invests on behalf of institutional investors across the globe in sectors including Energy, Logistics, Real Estate, and Innovative & Progressive Technologies. UCIG investment advisory and asset management services save millions of dollars across the funds they hold. We strive for targeted focus and optimal flexibility in our operations to ensure our portfolios are lasting and enhance the efficiency of our partner companies. As responsible investors, we strive to create a long-lasting impact for our investors, shareholders, clients and, the society at large.
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Countries of operation

North America

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The Bahamas |

El Salvador |

Mexico | Panama | Puerto Rico |

Trinidad and Tobago | USA

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Argentina | Brazil | Chile | Colombia |

Costa Rica | Curaçao | Ecuador | Honduras |

Paraguay | Peru | Uruguay | Venezuela

Middle East

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Turkey | U.A.E.


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Maldives | Pakistan | Philippines | Singapore | South Korea |

Sri Lanka | Thailand


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UCIG | United Capital Investments Group
UCIG | United Capital Investments Group
United Capital Investments Group